Sekthaus Raumland

We put our passion for sparkling wine into everything we do. Passion for sparkling wine is what drives us – and what we want to ignite in others.


All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them…

The origin of Wine Wonders dates back to autumn of 2014, after the founder did an Erasmus semester in Budapest, Hungary. Back at the time, he knew little about wines, however this passion originated out of curiosity to taste some local wines with exotic names.

Weingut Gabelmann

This are Gabelmann & Gabelfrau: Sebastian & Nathalie Gabelmann
Professional winemaker and certified economist for viticulture and oenology and professional product and advertising photographer.

Weingut Rheingrafenhof

With combined forces: Three generations work hand in hand in their family business. With them, everyone pitches in, whether in the vineyard, in the cellar, in wine sales or on wine tours.

Weingut Pieroth

When you stand in any particular plot of land, you can feel the radiance of the terroir. The interplay of the location, land, and grape variety has been perfected by their family over generations. Great Riesling and Pinot Varietals from exceptional locations are the focus of their wine portfolio.

Weingut J. Bettenheimer

Jens Bettenheimers Wines are best described as smokey, exotic, and wild, but also as classic – a perfect resemblance of their creator. Since 2005 he is pursuing his goals and applying personal philosophies in his vineyard.

Weingut Gres

The Gres winery looks back on a good 500 years of winemaking family-tradition. Originating from France the Gres family first moved to Burgundy (France) and later to Alsace (France). They ultimately came to Rheinhessen to found their vineyard existing to this day.

Weingut Ch.-W. Bernhard

The vineyards of the Ch.W. Bernhard winery, in Frei-Laubersheim, are among the best sites in western Rheinhessen on the southern edge of the Nahe region. Figs, almonds, chestnuts, and above all, wine, were being cultivated here already by the Romans 1800 years ago.