Weingut Rheingrafenhof

Weingut Rheingrafenhof

Tradition since 1585 - Modernity since 2019

With combined forces

Three generations work hand in hand in their family business. With them, everyone pitches in, whether in the vineyard, in the cellar, in wine sales or on wine tours. Each member of the family has his or her strengths and their characters come together to form an unbeatable team. The family is at the center of everything they do: from planting new vineyards to delivering their wines to your home.

Pure passion for wine

With passion and attention to detail, we create distinctive and expressive wines. The focus is on the work in the vineyard, so that they can limit themselves to the essentials during winemaking and let the wines themselves develop their full potential.

Tradition meets modernity

Their long tradition is important to them, while they do not remain in the past, they would like to combine the traditional history of their winery with modernity. With a new design, the young winemaker line combines modernity with tradition.

With Johann, the winemaking tradition of their family is continued. He has the freedom to go new ways with his own line and to gather his own experiences, but always keeps the tradition in mind. Full of zest for action he puts his visions into practice. Johann tries out new things and always reflects on his own work in order to continuously develop the high quality of their wines.


Their family has been making wine since 1585. The long tradition commits them. They share a common conviction and always work with their values in mind: to get the best possible out of their grapes to create high-quality wines. Their long history allows them to benefit from a lot of experience and knowledge.

Heinz-Peter and Roswitha laid the foundation for their current winery by moving out and focusing on bottled wine. Jürgen and Anke followed up with innovative methods and further expanded the potential.