Weingut Pieroth

Weingut Pieroth

When you stand in any particular plot of land, you can feel the radiance of the terroir. The interplay of the location, land, and grape variety has been perfected by their family over generations. Great Riesling and Pinot Varietals from exceptional locations are the focus of their wine portfolio.

Their view into the distance still inspires their work by the river Nahe, just as it always has done. The Pieroth family has felt at home around the globe from early on, travelling constantly to the most beautiful wine locations on earth. True cosmopolitans, in fact. Nothing has changed in this respect. As ambassadors for the Nahe region and also for German wine as a whole, they allow their experience and enthusiasm to flow into the character of their own wines.

The Pieroth family’s estate, located in the very centre of the village of Burg Layen, is an inspiring place packed with history. The Pieroth family settled in the Nahe region back in 1675 and started to sell great wines at the beginning of the 20th century.