Weingut Gabelmann

Weingut Gabelmann

This are Gabelmann & Gabelfrau: Sebastian & Nathalie Gabelmann

Professional winemaker and certified economist for viticulture and oenology and professional product and advertising photographer.

A young couple focusing on wine and photography.

„It is the special soil and climate of our region. It is the quality of the vine and the knowledge of an ancient craft that make an excellent wine from a grape. But the attention to detail, the care and dedication, as well as the people who enjoy wine are the most precious ingredients to turn an exquisite glass of wine into a very special experience.“

– Sebastian Gabelmann


Wine, Photography and Love

In 2022 they celebrated their 12th anniversary in partnership and looked back on work-intensive, exciting, and yet beautiful years together. They have grown together through the challenges and are proud of what they have achieved so far.

In 2012, they both decided to make their dreams come true and together they set out to find the perfect place to live, work and grow old. When they became aware of the wonderful, old forester’s house in Niederhausen an der Nahe, they were immediately in love. They are equally in love with the beautiful region and Niederhausen with its reservoir.

Together they started in 2013 as two self-employed. They worked simultaneously on the brand presence and at the same time also renovated by themselves their unique home, which will function as a winery and also as a photo studio.