Weingut J. Bettenheimer

Weingut J. Bettenheimer

Jens Bettenheimers Wines are best described as smokey, exotic, and wild, but also as classic – a perfect resemblance of their creator. Since 2005 he is pursuing his goals and applying personal philosophies in his vineyard. Its history is closely connected to the Burgundy grape varieties and the classic Silvaner. His vision is to create expressive wines with corners and edges, capturing the vintage, variety and the chalk-soil.

Using innovative techniques, all wines are handpicked, handcrafted, and grown in vineyards that are over 30 years old. Especially unique is the application of Jens Bettenheimers thesis about the „reduction in copper and sulfur in ecological viticulture“. 

During his time in New Zealand he collected insights into modern reinterpretation of classical grape varieties. He describes himself not only as a father to his children, but also as a father to his vines, nurturing, and caring for them to enable ripe and rich fruits.

Ultimately Jens Bettenheimer points out that tasting wines together with his family, other winemakers, and wine enthusiasts is one of the most important things for improving the quality of his wines. During these tastings he likes to put his wines into context with their grapes, terroir and vintage, comparing them to other wines from Rheinhessen and all over the world.