Weingut Ch.-W. Bernhard

Weingut Ch.-W. Bernhard

The vineyards of the Ch.W. Bernhard winery, in Frei-Laubersheim, are among the best sites in western Rheinhessen on the southern edge of the Nahe region. Figs, almonds, chestnuts, and above all, wine, were being cultivated here already by the Romans 1800 years ago.
To this day, the winery also takes advantage of the mild, sunny, and low-rainfall climate.
The combination of the climate, the soils’ biodiversity, and the many years of know how in viticulture make it all possible.

Thanks to this terroir and devoted care in the cellar, we obtain wines and sparkling wines of excellent quality.

Year after year, Hartmut and Petra Bernhard manage to produce wines with great harmony and clear structure. Let them guide you through their winery and get to know growths from the well-known wine villages Frei-Laubersheim, Hackenheim, and Volxheim.